Meat Slicer Hobart How To Repair

Meat Slicer Hobart How To Repair Manual And Automatic Transmission

If you are searching for a meat slicer Hobart how to repair, you are in the right place. This post will help you discover various issues with Hobart slicers and ways to manage them.

You’ll optimize the best meat slicer for jerky, frozen meat, raw meat, brisket, and bacon.

Hobart Slicer Isn’t Starting

Hobart has safeguards that stop the meat slicer from starting in unique situations. Check the issue isn’t electrical before trying some advanced measures. Inspect the unit’s power cord. Ensure it is functioning well and plugged into the power outlet.

If you’ve plugged it in well, ensure you haven’t set the carriage in the “home” position. If the unit is still not starting, the start or home switches may have malfunctioned.

You may also inspect for ground fault and if the wall outlet circuit is open. Press the overload reset button underneath the meat slicer to reset it if you’ve overworked it.

Hobart Meat Slicer Stops Running

Three issues may make your Hobart meat slicer stop running when in operation.

  • Carriage: Ensure you’ve installed the carriage tray properly. This component holds the meat as the unit slices it.
  • Index knob: This part should be open.
  • Gauge plate switch: Ensure the gauge plate switch is where it should be to avoid issues.

Automatic Operation Stops

Hobart meat slicers have some automated operations. Automatic operations can stop if you don’t set the unit in automatic mode. Reset or reboot the meat slicer to fix this problem.

If the auto speed sensor malfunctions, you may need a Hobart-certified professional to repair it. Inspect and replace the unit’s circuit breaker if you did not discover any issue with the vane.

slicing difficulties of hobart meat slicers

Slicing Difficulties

If the unit’s knife becomes blunt, it may have issues slicing your meat. Sharpening or replacing the knife can fix this problem. You may search for how to sharpen meat slicer blades on search engines to get helpful insights. A Hobart-certified professional may replace the slicer’s knife.

If the knife blade is in excellent condition, and the slicing difficulties persist, inspect for an issue on the carriage slid rod or transport brush. Lubricate the rod to improve the unit’s slicing.

Slicing Poorly

Issues with the knife blade can make the unit slice your meat poorly. These problems may include:

  • The knife is too small for the meat slicer
  • Fence is missing
  • The top cover isn’t adjusted well or is missing
  • Worn sharpener stones
  • Loose sharpener mounting pins
  • Wrong carriage tray
  • The grip arm is binding

You may look for the right size of components and fix them well to deal with these problems.

Meat Slicer Is Making Noise

Issues on the meat slicer’s interior can make it noisy. Some units have a gear-driven mechanism with more parts that can break down, causing noise. Overworking the engine may also cause the slicer’s excess sound.

Open the Hobart meat slicer and check the gears. Replace any damaged teeth and clean any residue or dirt on the gears. You may also ensure the unit’s rubber footings are clean and on the level to limit or eliminate the noise.

The Hobart Slicer Isn’t Sliding

If the slicer doesn’t adjust anymore, you can fix the issue by lubricating the unit. Clean the gum or residue off the slides with alcohol before the lubrication.

Repairing the Hobart Meat Slicer

Repairing the Hobart Meat Slicer

You may need replacement parts, screwdrivers, petroleum jelly, and denatured alcohol to repair the Hobart meat slicer. Follow these steps to repair it.

  1. Unplug the Hobart meat slicer’s electrical cord from the electrical outlet for safety.
  2. Loosen the unit’s retaining screw, then tap its slicing blade from behind to loosen it. Remove the screw, then lift the blade carefully.
  3. Tip the meat slicer over onto its motor, then pry the tray guide off the unit’s rails to remove the tray.
  4. Support the unit’s motor as you loosen its retaining screw. Slide the motor of the slicer head.
  5. Remove the screws to separate the motor housing’s halves, exposing the motor, pinion gear, and the on-off switch for repair, inspection, and replacement.
  6. Once you are through, assemble the unit as it was before you disassembled it.

You may fix some of these issues, but Hobart-certified professionals can also help. Use their expertise for complex repairs to avoid more issues and address the problem. The relevant slicer manual can give more guidance on your unit.

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