How To Use A Meat Slicer

How To Use A Meat Slicer For Be Cleaned And Sanitized At Home

A meat slicer is a useful appliance mostly used by the caf & eacute;s and restaurants to slice your favorite meat, cheese, and vegetables. It comes in various sizes, including blades sizes, but the size does not matter in the following appliance as all of the dimensions have similar functions and work the same way.

However, using them at home might be challenging; therefore, we will guide you regarding how to use a meat slicer and how often the meat slicer should be cleaned and sanitized for healthy and organic cooking.

Moreover, using it can be dangerous enough you have to deal with extremely sharp blades. Knowing all the factors about taking care of this useful appliance called meat slicer is essential as sometimes the blades’ edges can get rough and cause difficulty in cutting,

But you don’t have to be concerned. This article will mention how to sharpen a meat slicer blade and how to clean a meat slicer. Let’s dig deep and know all the mandatory factors.

How To Use A Meat Slicer

Steps On How To Use A Meat Slicer

Step – 1

First things first, let’s learn how to use a meat slicer first. You can quickly learn using it by reading the steps mentioned below. Throw away all your concerns by reading and learning up.

Step – 2

First, you need to ensure that the machine is in manual mode. Also, cut-resistant gloves are mandatory, and make sure you are wearing them to avoid any harm. Make sure you wash your hands before wearing the gloves to avoid any inconvenience.

Step -3

You need to place the chunk of meat, cheese, or vegetables that you want to slice up by lifting the weighted pusher arm.

Step – 4

Also, make sure you are slicing your meat, vegetables, or cheese on the flat surface, as there are high chances that a meat slicer will have to struggle dicing up the food if the surface is not flat, which can also cause food to roll off the machine and falling on the ground.

Step – 5

Adjustment is required at this step as the slab of meat, chunk of cheese or a vegetable might not fix properly; therefore, you need to adjust the plate to hold the food correctly.

Step – 6

Slowly start pushing the carriage back and forth to start slicing up after turning on the machine.

Step – 7

After slicing the first slice, make sure you check the amount of thickness it has. Adjust correctly if it’s not cut accurately, then you can switch the machine to automatic mode

Step – 8

Once you are done cutting and slicing up your things, remove the food and turn off the machine. Last but not least, make sure you clean the machine properly once it is completely turned off.


There are different types of meat slicers, and each one is used with the other method. However, most of them have a primary using technique that is mentioned above. Read all the seven steps to learn how to use a meat slicer.



To enhance the slicing speed, make sure you slice the cold food as it can be difficult enough to get the perfect dicing if the food is not cold.

Avoid slicing the frozen food as it can cause damage to the blades, which will cause you a replacement of the blades a lot sooner than the appliance usually requires. You can slice up the refrigerated food but make sure it’s been sitting out for a while before dicing it up.

Adjust the plate accurately to dice the perfect slices. If the plates are not correctly adjusted, your food might be cutting at uneven angles, resulting in irregular pieces.

Once you turn on the machine, make sure you are pushing the carriage back and forth at a regular speed suitable for you, even if it’s slow. It would be best to move the carriage faster once you are used to the appliance to prevent any harmful incidents.

After cutting the first slice of the meat, cheese, or vegetable, make sure to check the amount of thickness, continue switching the machine to automatic mode if the slice had your desired thickness. Consider adjusting if not.

Once you are done slicing up your products, make sure to turn off the gauge plate and unplug the machine to avoid any threats of harmful incidents as it can easily be turned on if touched, which can cause harm.

Clean the machine by wiping the blades. Also, consider reading the user manual to know more about cleaning a meat slicer as each appliance has different cleaning methods.

How Can A Meat Slicer Be Beneficial?

First things first, let’s know about how a meat slicer can be beneficial and is it really worth the investment. Let’s find out!

It Saves You A Load Of Money

A meat slicer is a versatile appliance, and it can save you a lot of money, but how? Ever bought the whole chunks of the meat and cheese? No? but now you can as the entire slabs of the flesh and cheese are cheaper as they are not sliced, but you don’t have to be concerned about the slicing factor as you can quickly dice them up in minutes with the help of a meat slicer.

Efficient Enough

The meat slicer is an efficient enough appliance as it also saves you a lot of time and hassle. This single appliance has extremely sharp blades that can dice the vegetables, meat, and cheese within minutes without causing much difficulty. Moreover, you can also turn the leftovers into your lunch as it can easily do the thin slices of the ham and onions

Meat Slicer Comes With Several Blades

It Comes With Several Blades

There are various blades that a meat slicer has and are required for different cutting or slicing purposes. Most cheese and vegetables can need other sized blades rather than the one you will be using to slice the meat. This meat slicer feature makes it useful and an essential appliance because you don’t have to purchase several knives and cutters.

It is a perfect appliance for performing several tasks, which can be difficult with knives. A meat slicer was made for dicing up the meat evenly, but you can also use it to cut several fruits and vegetables specially if you need to cut them thin.

How To Clean And Sanitize A Meat Slicer?

Now, as you have thoroughly learned how to use a meat slicer, let’s find out how can you keep it clean for easy usage. Cleaning it can be difficult as it has several extremely sharp blades that show no mercy. Still, you don’t have to be concerned about a single thing as we will give you a useful guide that will assuredly help you learn to clean a meat slicer correctly.

  1. First of all, make sure you set the blades’ thickness level to zero, as they can easily cut your fingers if you try to clean them up without setting the thickness level. Consider using a gentle pad and start wiping both sides of the blades after removing your sliced products. Also, ensure the machine is unplugged and completely turned off
  2. Once you are done wiping the blades, start removing the product tray, slice deflector, and center plate but make sure the gauge plate is at a closed point and the sharpening stones are out of the way. After removing the components, wash and rinse them properly to clean all the stuff stick to its gears. Consider sanitizing them after giving them a good wash.
  3. Cleaning the blade might be difficult enough if you avoid cleaning it after every use as then you will have to remove the blades but to clean them with ease, you need warm soapy water and a sponge to rub and clean the blades without any difficulty. Make sure to clean both of the sides front and back of the blades
  4. After cleaning all the mechanisms of the appliance, consider wiping the exterior and all the remaining parts with a towel, then slowly rinse the soap off from the body with the warm water
  5. Once the cleaning is done, make sure you sanitize the appliance with the meat slicer sanitizing spray to kill any germ that might be sitting on any part of a meat slicer. Let the appliance air dry once you sanitize it.
  6. Lubricating is mandatory as the machine can cause difficulty in slicing due to water wash; therefore, consider spraying lubricant on the slide rods when the meat slicer is completely dry. Put the blades, faceplate, and product tray back in place if removed.

Final Thoughts On Owning And Using A Meat Slicer

A meat slicer is a perfect appliance with various advantages that assuredly help you cut and dice different products without any inconvenience.

Moreover, it slices the product evenly without any difficulties. Investing in purchasing the meat slicer is the best thing you could do to ease down all your vegetable, meat, and cheese cutting concerns.

Also, we have mentioned the guide that can help you learn how to use a meat slicer. Read the entire article and know more about how a meat slicer can be beneficial.

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