How To Slice Meat Thin For Jerky

How To Slice Meat Thin For Jerky Step By Step Guide

Beef jerky tastes incredible! If you want to make it at your home, then you have to focus on the slicing the meat properly. Though making jerky at home can be time consuming because of the proper cutting technique, it is completely worth the try.

If you are wondering about – how to slice meat thin for jerky step by step, then you are at the right place. Read on to know about how you can slice the beef meat perfectly to make jerky.

Step-by-Step Slicing Of Meat

Here are the steps that you have to follow to slice the meat perfectly for jerky:

Trimming The Fat

Step 1: Trimming The Fat

Once you have chosen the right cut of the meat, you have to grab a knife with sharp edges for efficiently cutting the slices for jerky. Make sure that the knife is very sharp so that it is quite easy to cut the slices If the blade is not sharp, then you must know how to sharpen meat slicer blade.

The best knife to use is the chef’s knife or the butcher knife. Hold the knife at 20 to 30 degree angle over the surface and place the meat on a flat surface.

Now, you have to cut the large chunks of the fat first from the meat. Fat is the worst thing for the jerky because the fat cannot dry and it can spoil much easily and faster than that of the meat. So, trim of the extra fat deposits from your beef.

Step 2: Leave The Beef To Chill

Once you have sharpened the meat slicer for jerky, it is time for the next step. This is the secret to the best ever beef jerky recipe. You have to make sure that you are leaving the beef to chill in the refrigerator before slicing it. The cold or chilled beef meat is much easier to slice.

Keeping the meat for about one or two hours in the fridge can be a good idea. Once it is chilled, the beef meat becomes solid enough to cut into slices.

Step 3: Slice Your Beef Against The Grain

Yes, beef too has a grain and it plays a vital role in how to slice ham thin. If you take the beef on your hand, you will notice pale fibers that are running all along the meat. Mostly they are straight and run in the same direction. These are the beef’s fibers and they run in the direction of the grain.

So, you have to choices mainly for slicing i.e. to slice against these grains or with the grains. Slicing across the grains can provide softer jerky which is easier to chew.

Cut In Parallel Strips

Step 4: Cut In Parallel Strips

Hold the blade of the knife straight all the time so that the slices made are straight and parallel. Each of the slices should be about one-fourth or half inch wide i.e. 0.67 cm to 1.27 cm. This is the standard width for the jerky slice. It shouldn’t be any thinner than this and not even wider than this.


This is all about how to slice meat thin for jerky step by step. Follow these 4 steps to simply get the perfect slice for your jerky. But make sure to choose the right cut for your jerky. The beef round is the standard cut for preparing jerky at home.

Once everything is done, you must know how to clean meat slicer for better hygiene and to keep the sharpness of the blade intact.

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