How To Slice Ham Thin

How To Slice Ham Thin Of Your Own Spiral Shape At Kitchen

How To Slice Ham Thin Of Your Own Spiral Shape At Kitchen

Ham is used for preparing different dishes like sandwich, burger and more. Nothing can be better than slicing and preparing the ham at your home. This can provide you with much better slices and you can cut exactly according to your own preferences. But if you are wondering about how to slice ham thin, then you are at the right place.

Ham slices must be perfectly thin i.e. it should neither be excessively thin nor should it be any thicker. So, how can you slice the ham in the right way? Read on to know more.

Why Is It Hard To Slice Ham Thinly

Why Is It Hard To Slice Ham Thinly?

Well, if you are new to cutting the meat, then you might feel that slicing the ham thinly can be a tough job. But it is not if you have a perfectly sharpened knife. The blade of the slicer matters a lot and it has to be very sharp. The sharpness of the blade determines how well you can cut the slices. Cutting the ham with a blunt knife can result in an utter failure and meat can crumble.

To ensure that the slicer blade remains sharp, you have to clean them and maintain it properly. You can know more about how to clean a meat slicer or a knife.

Equipment You Will Need To Slice Ham

To slice the ham perfectly you will need these tools:

meat slicer or knife uses

Meat Slicer Or Knife

A meat slicer is an effective tool that you can use for slicing the ham. Besides that, the meat slicer can also help in slicing the veggies. You have to know how to slice vegetables with meat slicer. You can also use a sharp knife for slicing.

Chopping or Cutting Board

Cutting Board

To ensure that you are cutting the ham neatly, you will need a chopping or cutting board. It has to be flat and made up food-safe plastic or wood. Also, these materials will not damage the sharpness of the blade.

Freezer meat for slice ham thinly


You will need a freezer if you want to slice ham thinly at home. Though it may sound weird, but read on and you will know why it is important.

Step By Step Guide To Slice Ham Thinly

Follow these steps thoroughly to slice the ham thinly:

Freeze The Ham

Step 1: Freeze The Ham

This is one of the most important steps before you slice the ham. You have to freeze the meat for at least 15 to 25 minutes before you start slicing. In case the meat is frozen, then first thaw it and then put it back in the freezer. Chilled ham is easier to slice too and you will be able to slice the chilled ham in the perfect size.

Use A Flat Surface For Laying The Ham

Step 2: Use A Flat Surface For Laying The Ham

After the ham is properly chilled, you have to lay the ham flat properly on the cutting board. You need to choose a sturdy and flat surface. It is better to choose a flat and sturdy surface as you can make sure that the ham is on a firm surface. This will also ensure better cutting and slicing of the ham reducing the chances of mistakes.

Start Slicing The Ham

Step 3: Start Slicing The Ham

The next step is to start the slicing. Take the sharpest knife or the clean meat slicer. If your knife is not so sharp, make sure to run the knife a few times on the honing steel before you start slicing. This will ensure that the knife is completely sharp.

Grab the knife firmly with one hand and hold the ham with the other one. Now, start to slice the ham against the grain as this will make sure that you are getting thin slices.

Tips For Slicing The Ham Thin

Now that you know how to slice ham thin, here are some of the important tips that can help:

  • Do not apply a lot of pressure on the ham with the slicer or knife while slicing.
  • Let the weight of the knife and motion of slicing cut through the meat
  • Don’t skip the step of freezing the ham before slicing
  • Make sure that the blade of the knife or the slicer is extremely sharp
  • Use a cut-proof glove to protect your hand while slicing


Hopefully, these tips and ways will help you to slice the ham perfectly thin. Once you master this art, you can also learn more about how to slice the meat thin for jerky. It is more or less the same and once you master the art of slicing the ham, it will get easier too.

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