How To Lubricate The Sliding Shaft Of A Meat Slicer?

How To Lubricate The Sliding Shaft Of A Meat Slicer?

When you learn how to lubricate the sliding shaft of a meat slicer, you are giving the best type of maintenance to your machine.

While it is essential to clean and sanitize a commercial and a home meat slicer, the blade in your device won’t last long if you fail to lubricate it.

Don’t Use Cooking Oil. Ever!

Don’t Use Cooking Oil. Ever!

It’s understandable to want to use the most cost-effective solution, and many people opt to use mineral oil or vegetable oil to lubricate their unit. While these oils are cheap, they are a poor choice for your machine. Consider the reasons why:

  • These oils are quite runny and messy, and thus they can create an unsafe working environment.
  • They collect oil particles and scraps of food because they stay wet after application. The food particles mixed with the oil can form an abrasive paste that will accelerate the wear on your machine.
  • It will cost you way more money in the term, as your machine will require frequent lubrication and possible repair.
  • Vegetable oil can grow bacteria which can contaminate your food item and cause illness or death. This is especially troubling if your machine is a meat slicer for raw meat.

What Should I Use To Lubricate My Meat Slicer

What Should I Use To Lubricate My Meat Slicer?

Whether you have an electric or manual meat slicer, you must use a suitable food-grade lubricant to slicken your device.

This lubricant comes in gel form and has very good ratings on Amazon Food Grade Equipment LubricantNSF (2/4 oz. Tube) (Basic): Industrial & Scientific.

You can also get lubricant in an aerosol can, like this product which has excellent reviews on Amazon Renewable Lubricants – 87002 Food Grade Bio-Penetrating Lubricant, Multipurpose, 11 oz Aerosol Can: Industrial Lubricants: Industrial & Scientific.

These lubricants are safe to use on all your machine’s components, and they will also protect electric connections. Excellent to use on commercial and home meat slicers:

  • These lubricants penetrate the deepest cracks in your machine and will evenly coat them.
  • They dry to a solid film that repels water and other particles.
  • Unlike oil, they prevent abrasive friction on your machine.

How To Lubricate The Sliding Rod Of Your Meat Slicer: Step-By-Step

unplug your meat slicer

Make sure to unplug your slicer before you begin. Turn off the machine and put the selector knob in the home position.

Remove your food chute with undo the release knob

Remove your food chute, undo the release knob. Tilt the slicer upwards; this exposes the guide rod. Apply lubricant – it may be easier to use gel – to the slide rod. Move the slider up and down to distribute the lubricant.

Lubricate the sharpening stones

Lubricate the sharpening stones, disassemble the sliding stone cover from the slicer, undo the release knob and pull up. Set the slicer to one side

Lubricate behind the stones – the spray might be easier to use in this instance and distribute the lubricant by moving the buttons. Lubricate the main shaft.

reassembled your slicer

Once you have reassembled your slicer, lubricate the food chute slide rod; you can use the gel. Move the end weight up and down to administer the lubricant evenly.


Whatever you use your machine to slice, whether it’s a meat slicer for bacon, a meat slicer for jerky, or a meat slicer for brisket, you must make sure slide rods are suitably lubricated for optimum performance.

Clean, sanitize, and lubricate the grip rod daily, and the carriage slide once a month, minimum. Don’t forget to lubricate slider parts after cleaning and sanitizing for better use of your slicer.

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