How To Cut Frozen Meat

How To Cut Frozen Meat Without Thawing, Potential Ways To Cutting Meat!

Before answering the question ‘How to Cut Frozen meat?’, it is crucial to know that you must not cut the Frozen Meat straight out of the freezer. Follow different ways to soften your Meat within few minutes.

If you try to do cutting Meat straight out freezer, your meat slicer can be dangerous as the blades will slice off or bounce off the surface of the Meat. It can lead your fingers or hands to a deep cut.

Also, cutting frozen Meat from a regular knife can be challenging, so that the fantastic quality meat slicer may come to your rescue at this moment. If you are willing to cut hard frozen Meat or are finding the answer to ‘how to slice ham thin?‘, then a meat slicer is the perfect choice to go ahead.

Like freezing the Meat is essential, in the same way cleaning the meat slicer after use is also necessary. You might be aware of how to clean a meat slicer, but do you know how to cut frozen Meat using it? It is essential to undergo some procedures after taking Meat out of the freezer to soften it for cutting quickly and perfectly.

Run Your Frozen Meat Underwater

One of the easiest and best ways to cut frozen Meat is to leave Meat under running water for some time. Within some minutes, the Meat will get soft, particularly around edges that will make you cut through it quickly. But you will still require a heavy-duty and high-quality knife or meat slicer for the task. So what you need to do is –

Place the frozen Meat under the cold running water for some minutes that makes it soft. The running water will soften its edges, leading to comfortable cutting through a slice of Meat with a slicer or knife. Slowly cutting the Meat gives the best result.

Also, sometimes, it takes time to thaw hard edges underwater. So, you can take warm water in place of regular water.

If you ask ”How to slice meat thin for jerky?‘, then this option is perfect to go.

Use Sandwich Pots

We all know that metal pots are good energy conductors. So, putting your frozen steak in it can speed up the procedure of thawing. But the actual process begins when you place your frozen Meat to make its sandwich with two metal pots.

What You Need To Do Is?

Pack your frozen Meat in a packed bag first, then flip out the first metal pot over. Now put the Frozen Meat on top. Pour some regular water into another pot made of metal. Thus, the essential step is to make it heavy for pressing quickly.

Place the second pot on top of the sandwich of Meat in between two pans of metal. And it is ready once your Meat gets soft. You can now cut or cook it according to your need.

Use Manual Meat Slicer

Use Manual Meat Slicer

Purchasing the kitchen appliance is not wrong as it results in saving your time and effort, giving the best result. Thawing Meat takes time; most people prefer to go with other methods, while some buy kitchen tools to reduce their effort, save time and increase results.

So, you can cut Frozen Meat out of the freezer immediately by manual meat slicer, but prefer to defrost as it will make your work easy and quick. What you need to do is – Utilize the manual meat slicer as it is no difficult task with it. Choose the thin parameter, and durable handle of knob is useful for slicing and the rest you know what to do.

Slice frozen Meat at home easily with some tricks. But don’t forget to clean your slicer as you know ‘How Often Must A Meat Slicer Be Cleaned And Sanitized When In Constant Use

Vinegar Technique

Cut your frozen Meat with vinegar technique. Pouring vinegar on it brings down the temperature of your frozen Meat to get it soft quicker. The acidity in vinegar dissolves connective tissues that tend your Meat when you thaw it.

Hence you need to pour vinegar on it and wash it off properly before cooking as it might lead to a sour taste. However, Some like the taste as it adds flavor to the Meat.

Frozen Meat In Microwave

The super fast method of thawing frozen Meat is to place it in the microwave. If your guests visit you on the spot, then you can use this method in emergencies. Microwaving frozen Meat takes around 5 to 10 minutes, and cutting Meat after it gets easier.

It would result better if your microwave has the auto defrost function. Place the unpacked frozen Meat in the center and turn on the defrost setting.

What You Need To Do Is?

Place the frozen Meat and do not leave the microwave or walk away. Inspect the process because it can semi-cook your Meat. When you thaw your Frozen Meat, take it out of the microwave and cut it accordingly. Ensure that the Meat is on the cutting board with having a sharp and sturdy knife or slicer.

If you search for how to cut Frozen Meat, then you will find many ways. Hence, choose the suitable and appropriate method wisely.

Slice It By Butcher Saw

Slice It By Butcher Saw

You do not require to utilize the saw that woodcutters use. All you need to do is purchase a butcher saw to slice meats along with pair of gloves for safety. Gloves provide you a firm grip to cut the meat slice. So,

First, wear gloves and hold the saw’s handle by laying the serrated edge against the Meat. Choose the starting point and cut through a slice of Meat by applying downward pressure. Continue to push and pull the saw with the same speed if you want a better result.

Turn the Meat opposite side to make the process easy and cut again. Butcher saw works best to cut a large portion of frozen Meat and also its bones. So ‘how to slice ham thin?’ is now not unanswerable. It is easy to do using a butcher saw.

Final Words

If you are looking for ‘How to cut frozen meat?’, different ways are available. You can thaw frozen Meat easily and quickly by placing it on a metal pot, microwave it, run underwater, and many more.

Just read the article above and choose the method as per your choice. But make sure you have a heavy-duty knife or meat slicer to cut Frozen Meat quickly.

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