How To Clean A Meat Slicer

How To Clean A Meat Slicer To Cut Your Meat, Veggies And Cheese With Precision

How to clean a meat slicer properly is one of the most crucial things to know when it comes to maintaining your machine. Electric meat slicers are used continuously in grocery stores, sandwich chains, and other foodservice settings, so they get dirty quickly.

Commercial meat slicers slice Frozen meats and a range of different food items like cheeses and vegetables, so it is essential to prevent cross-contamination of harmful bacteria and unwanted flavors.

Why Clean A Meat Slicer

Why Clean A Meat Slicer?

Meat slicers often slice various deli items, and if you neglect to clean them, food residue builds up in the machine’s components, causing bacteria to develop. These bacteria contaminate foods and cause food borne illnesses, not good for your customers or your business.

Problem Areas With Your Meat Slicer

Problem Areas With Your Meat Slicer

You must check the ring guard mount, blade guard, and slicer handle on your electric meat slicer for any damage or missing parts and replace them. Check the power cord for wear and tear.

Pay particular attention to any food particles accumulating at ring guard mounds and below the slicer handle. When food builds up and dries, it often breeds harmful bacteria.

When To Clean The Meat Slicer

The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration.) recommends cleaning commercial meat slicers every four hours, with a thorough clean at the end of each day. You must wipe down the machine when switching from meats to cheeses or other food items.

For personal use, you must clean your unit after every use, whether it’s a meat slicer for jerky or a meat slicer for bacon. Regular cleaning of your machine is crucial even if you use it for slicing one food item.

Taking Precautions Before Cleaning A Meat Slicer

Before you begin cleaning your machine, you must factor in the following advice:

Always wear cut-resistant gloves

  • Always wear cut-resistant gloves, especially when you handle the blade.
  • Follow the manufactures instructions diligently.
  • You must not use steel wool as it will scratch the machine.
  • Do not submerge the entire slicer in water. The machine’s instructions will specify which parts are safe to put in the dishwasher and which parts need alternative cleaning methods.

How To Clean A Meat Slicer proper way

How To Clean A Meat Slicer

There are two ways to clean a meat slicer, and you must apply both methods every day while understanding when to apply them. The two methods are light cleaning and deep cleaning.

Light Cleaning

You must do light cleaning of your slicer after each use or after each product change. You may need to carry out light cleaning numerous times a day but at least every four hours.

Light cleaning prevents the buildup of food particles and juices, but it is no replacement for thorough cleaning and sanitation.

Unplug your meat slicer and set the blade’s thickness to 0.

  1. Unplug your meat slicer and set the blade’s thickness to 0.

Wipe off large food pieces using a cloth or a paper towel

2. Wipe off large food pieces using a cloth or a paper towel.

Wipe down the blade

3. Wipe down the blade, carriage, product pusher, food chute, and all nooks and crannies of the device using a fresh cloth, hot water, and a food-grade cleaner.

rinse these areas with hot water

4.Using a new towel, rinse these areas with hot water and let it air dry before using it again.

Deep Cleaning

It’s essential to deep clean your machine at the end of each day or after each use, if possible. Deep cleaning involves taking the meat slicer apart and cleaning all the components carefully.

Cleaning Parts

1 . Unplug the electric meat slicer and set the blade’s thickness to 0.

2. Remove large food items with a cloth or paper towel.

pull carriage towards

3. Disassemble the machine start by removing the blade, product tray, product pusher, and carriage. Put these parts in a sink of detergent and hot water.

Put these parts in a sink of detergent and hot water

4. Wash all the parts thoroughly, rinse, and spray them with a sanitizer. Let all the pieces dry completely.

Cleaning The Main Unit

  1. Take a small brush to clean specific parts of the central unit that are often overlooked, like the receiving tray, knobs, gaskets, seams, handles, controls, and screws. You must use a food-grade cleaner and hot water to clean these pieces.
  2. Remove any residue on the blade and blade guard with a paper towel or cloth.
  3. Use a fresh wet towel to wash the cleaner off the entire slicer.
  4. Spray a sanitizer on all the unit’s areas. Make sure to follow the cleaning guidelines of the unit’s manual.
  5. Allow the machine to air-dry completely before putting back together.

Maintaining The Meat Slicer Blade

Maintaining The Meat Slicer Blade

When you learn how to sharpen meat slicer blades correctly, you will lengthen the longevity of your meat slicer. Consider the following tips:

  • Regularly clean the meat slicer blade and sharpen it using meat slicer sharpening stones.
  • Never sharpen a dirty blade, only a clean blade. Disinfect the blade after sharpening.
  • Follow the operator’s instructions on how to maintain the blade.
  • Routinely service the machine as advised by the manufacturer.


Learning how to clean a meat slicer correctly is essential, whether it’s a commercial meat slicer or one for home use.

Whether you use this machine for one item or many different items, you must be diligent in your cleaning process, as it will maintain the machine for many years.

For flawless food slices, learning how to sharpen meat slicer blades is quite a skill, and it will make light of your work.

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